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Horror Fiction: The House at the Gateway to Hell




Once there existed a great house that had the power to cross the infinite chasm of Space/Time and was destined to witness the end of the world . . . and waiting with a yawning portal for any who dared to enter!

That is "The House at the Gateway to Hell" by Ron Ebner, his redux of "The House on the Borderland" by English writer William Hope Hodgson, one of the classics of fantasy and horror.

H. P. Lovecraft wrote of Borderland: “The wanderings of the narrator’s spirit through limitless light years of cosmic space and kalpas of eternity, and his witnessing of the solar system’s final destruction constitute something almost unique in standard literature.”

Ron Ebner has rewritten, modernized, and updated this classic tale of fantasy and horror. Sit back and join an ordinary man as he drifts through unknown dimensions, across the outer reaches of space, and returns only to find himself confronted by mysterious and deadly Creatures from Hell.


ADDENDUM TO THE DIARY: “The previous words of this diary were written by my grandfather; I am Charles Eberhart Goodyear III. Mr. Ebner has written me in London and asked that I attest to its authenticity. It is as true as I can so state, not having lived with my grandfather in Ireland nor was I there when the foregoing events transpired. But after I was contacted and remembering vague tales told me by my late father, I made a journey to Ireland to extol the local inhabitants of what they knew. They assured me that the strange house fell into the pit long ago as described by my antecedent. Whether or not the preceding events took place as related by him in his journal, I cannot attest to that but, instead—indeed—leave that to the discretion of the reader. Charles Eberhart Goodyear III, 7th of April 2017”




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