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Non-Fiction: Sociopaths 2: America's Psycho Killers



LEONARD LAKE and CHARLES NG tortured and murdered as many as 25 men, women and children. According to reports, young Leonard Lake got off to a bad start in 1951 when his parents separated and he and his siblings were sent to live with the grandparents. Seems he had an obsession with pornography and took pictures of his sisters in the nude and even engaged in sexual play with them—all, it seemed, with the blessing of the grandmother. While serving as a Marine in Vietnam in the sixties, Lake was diagnosed with schizoid personality disorder and given a medical discharge in 1971. In the 70s he joined and lived in a hippie commune. In 1975 he married but that didn’t last long: Lake’s wife learned that her strange husband was appearing in sadomasochistic porno movies. Later Leonard Lake met another sociopathic misfit named Charles Ng. Together they decided to put their sick fantasies into reality.

The horror had begun.

Author Ron Ebner takes the reader on a journey of discovery more frightening than any horror novel could be because EVERY WORD IS TRUE. This release is Updated and Expanded from the first edition and contains new insights regarding the infamous Whitechapel Murderer, JACK THE RIPPER.

 Warning: Contains Adult Material

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