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Science Fiction: Nova



In the year 2094 the invisible though powerfully effective harmonic barrier that had kept humanity a prisoner in one dimension was finally broken. A peaceful coexistence between the people of Earth and the tenuous, semi-ethereal beings of what became known as Shadow World was soon established. For twenty-five years all went well until Earth’s bureaucracy and the despotic government which sat at its apex schemed against the peaceful inhabitants of this parallel dimension. This monstrously greedy plan had a horrible rebound effect that forever altered the lives of every human being on Earth. For billions of men, women and children life was, indeed, altered forever. Global war quickly obliterated humanity except for a handful of survivors placed aboard specially constructed spaceships. JG Navigation Officer Lt. Frank Andrews and Language Analyst Kathryn Bryar must learn to find love amid the chaos of a doomed Mankind while they search for a pristine world upon which to build a new civilization.


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