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Updates regarding Celebrities appearing in "Hollywood Celebrities: Where Are They Now?" are in "Hollywood Celebrities 2: More of My Favorite Stars."

Non-Fiction: Hollywood Celebrities: Where Are They Now?

“How many times a day do you find yourself asking that very question about current and former stars of screen and television?

“Where have they gone? What are they doing now? Still famous or not so famous? If you’re as much of a curious fan as I am then you’ll want to know.”—Author

Here in this book Ron Ebner—author of The Winds of Hell, Nova, Plague World, and two short story collections—has collected a voluminous amount of information about current actors and former actors, including:

Disney favorites Annette Funicello, Tommy Kirk, Tim Considine, Hayley Mills and Kevin Corcoran, as well as Mouseketeers Sharon Baird, Lonnie Burr, Cubby O’Brien and Karen Pendleton; Lauren Chapin and Elinor Donahue of “Father Knows Best”; Johnny Crawford of “The Rifleman”; Shelley Fabares of “The Donna Reed Show”; Little Rascal “Spanky” McFarland; Beverly Washburn; Cynthia Pepper; Native American actors Chief Dan George and Will Sampson; the  frisky star of the original Nancy Drew movies, Bonita Granville; Al “Grandpa” Lewis; Fess Parker; John Amos . . . and many others.

Includes a chapter about the original Our Gang kids and an interview with former Mouseketeer Lonnie Burr.




By Mouseketeer Lonnie Burr

Ron's book covers so many actors whose faces we know but whom we have no knowledge of prior to this book: Jack Elam, Rod Taylor, Will Sampson, Bert Mustin. Plus,they are all written in précis form: clear and succinct, just enough to know something and pursue further. I am partial because I was included with other original Mouseketeers from the "Mickey Mouse Club" and also people with whom I have worked, like Haley Mills, Rudy Lee, Lee Aker, Alan Young,etcetera. It also is affordable compared of other books with a similar format. Five Stars!

 By Beverly Radell

I was delighted to read such an informative book. Looks like the author did lots of research to come up with so many people of the past. For nostalgia buffs, this book is a must. Very interesting. I hope he comes out with a second edition with even more stars as it's fun to see where they are now. I highly recommend it.


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