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There are approximately 6000 families in the United States with the surname EBNER. They have been involved in almost every walk of life and their ancestors first came to this country hundreds of years ago (of course, not near as long as the original, human inhabitants of this continent—the Native Americans—who first arrived here 20-40,000 years ago).

Primarily, this edition follows the family history of the Ebner family from Jacob Ebner, who came to this country from Germany ca. 1860. But there are hundreds of names in this volume, such as Ayres, Baker, Bango, Bigley, Eike, Frankenfield, Hamilton, Keifer, Knoble, Koose, Reed, Russo, and Wagner, to name a few. In addition, there is information about various places in the Easton, Pennsylvania area.

 So come inside and learn if any of these notables are your long, lost ancestors.


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