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Non-Fiction---Ancient Secrets: Myths or Mysteries

 Mysteries long forgotten or barely remembered that lie in the dark corners of our minds, tales we heard as children, myths we read about as adults. Is there more to reality than those who teach and lead us would care to let us know? Read about these mysteries in this fine coffee-table book.


Was there a real Dr. Frankenstein and did he piece together a monstrous, living creature?


Where is Noah’s Ark really?


What is the government really hiding at Area 51? Time travelers from our future?


Have monstrous giants actually existed and, if so, where can they be found?


Does Bigfoot really exist? Man or monster and where did it come from?

Is it possible to have sex with a Bigfoot?


Do dinosaurs live today in out of the way places?


Was Akhenaten the son of the one god as he claimed or was he the first ET?


Is time travel possible and does the government know more than they are telling?


Is the Necronomicon, the accursed book of the dead, a real book and, if it is, who wrote it?


Did the Nazis invent the ultimate weapon called Die Glocke in World War II? Or was it more than just a killing machine?


And more….


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