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Non-Fiction: Hollywood Celebrities 2: More of My Favorite Stars 

Former Original Mouseketeer Lonnie Burr update:

Last October 28 Lonnie Burr was interviewed from his home in Portland, Oregon via phone by Stu Shostak for Stu’s radio show. The phone connection was terrible but the nearly three-hour interview was great. Everyone who tuned in learned a lot about Lonnie’s career and about other celebrities he has worked with. Of course the highlight was the expected whys and what fors regarding Lonnie’s estrangement from the other original Mouseketeers who he has known since 1955. Theories had been running rampant regarding what Lonnie could possibly have done to the others to cause their complete separation from him. For example, if a reunion or show is being put on, none of the other former Mouseketeers will show up if Lonnie is invited. To most of the fans of those great performers, that is a terrible thing. What could be wrong?

It’s a completely odd reaction by the other Mice since Lonnie Burr has been the only one who has worked and fought with the Disney Studios to get royalties, etc., that were unfairly not given to the Mouseketeers even  though they had earned it. I repeat, Lonnie worked to get money for ALL the Mouseketeers who had earned it, not for just himself. But the Disney Studio is tough and doesn’t like it when somebody goes against them.

So what happens to a performer when he does just that? He becomes a persona non grata, and is boycotted by the studio. And how does that effect other performers who associate with him? I can’t speak for all such happenings throughout show business, but it seems in this case the other Mouseketeers feel that it is the kiss of death regarding their being asked to attend various functions if they associate with Lonnie.

That’s why I think it is terrible, for people who have worked together and known each other for so long to act that way. The all-mighty dollar is more important than interpersonal relationships? Not to me, and not to many other fans as well, judging by the number of email-ins to Stu’s show voicing opinions similar to mine.

I personally feel that the other former Mice should reconsider their actions. Life is short, and too precious to carry on in such a shameful manner. (By the way, anyone interested in hearing the show can go to Stu’s Show Archives online and buy and download it for just $.99.)


 Read more about Lonnie and updates regarding the other Mouseketeers in “Hollywood Celebrities 2: More of My Favorite Stars.”


Non-Fiction: Hollywood Celebrities 2: More of My Favorite Stars

“In my first non-fiction book, Hollywood Celebrities: Where Are They Now?, I attempted to bring their fans important and interesting information regarding fine child stars and other actors of yesteryear that we all loved and miss very much—although some of them are still active in their show business careers today.”—Author

 Here in this book Ron Ebner—author of The Winds of Hell, Nova, Plague World, Sociopaths: America’s Psycho Killers and Sociopaths 2: America’s Psycho Killers: Updated and Expanded and two short story collections—has gone on to gather information about additional actors and former actors, including:

 Michael Ansara, Macaulay Culkin, John Denver, Andy Devine, Fats Domino, Dan Haggerty, Paul Hogan, Al Jolson, Peter Lorre, Roddy McDowall, Audie Murphy, Haley Joel Osment, Sabu, Buffalo Bob Smith, Jimmie Walker, Vera Miles, Natalie Wood, updates of Mouseketeers and many more. Plus updates for stars listed in the first edition, a special investigation into John Wayne’s mysterious death and a section on the Dead End Kids.

Also included is a section on Famous Wrestlers and the cast of “Godspell.”

The experiences of these actors go way beyond what we, the Hollywood uninitiated, have been exposed to—some wonderful events, others terrible in the extreme. Read through these pages and find out what has happened to some of my favorite Hollywood celebrities.

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